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I Survived Andy Boyle’s Django Tutorial

I had today and yesterday off thanks to a Jewish holiday. After spending yesterday luxuriating in sleeping in, not showering, and spending the day in my pajamas, I woke up this morning (at 8:15am! Without an alarm clock!) needing to do something productive.

I’ve been meaning to work my way through the amazing Andy Boyle’s Django tutorial (part 1), and since I just switched to WebFaction as my web host (supports Django) I decided to get that done today.

After one false start, (my fault, not Andy’s) everything went pretty smoothly. I skipped all the AWS and server crap, and got through to the end. Then I went to see what I had created, and…NOOOOOOOOO! All I got was the standard “Welcome to Django” page.

Quick! Bitch and moan on Twitter until someone comes to my rescue!

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long. Albert Sun suggested a settings change that fixed everything.

And now, the result of all this hard work: FireTracker. It’s not pretty, and there’s no data yet, but I have now completed my second-ever Django app.

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