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I’m a Ruby Nuby

In my quest to keep learning and doing while unemployed, the hardest obstacle to overcome is that of working alone. It’s uninspiring and demotivating.

So I joined a Meetup group.

Ruby Nuby is “a soon-to-be non-profit dedicated to teaching the first year of Ruby Programming, Rails Framework and Related Technologies to professionals who then learn better by teaching at-risk, disadvantaged youths and helping Nubies become professional Rubyists.”

Why Ruby?

Honestly, it didn’t matter to me which language I pursued, because it’s fairly easy to learn new languages once you’ve delved deeply into one. This was just the group I felt best matched my needs.

At last night’s meeting, we discussed the curriculum going forward. We’ll be using to start with, and building from there with supplemental or more advanced books. I got my Ruby install up to date and also installed Rails.

Malcolm Arnold, the organizer, put a lot of effort into researching Ruby and Rails and how best to teach them. He’s got a well-thought out plan for us, and I’m really excited.

I’m gonna try to post what I learn here, starting with how to install Ruby and Rails on OSX 10.5 (Leopard):

Installing Ruby, Rubygems, Rails, and Mongrel on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Yes, I’m just posting a link. It’s a really easy-to-follow tutorial that gets the job done. What more do you need?

P.S. If anyone wants to sponsor the group or teach a session, please contact Malcolm from the page.

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