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My Ideal Twitter Client

I knew that the old-school Adobe Air TweetDeck was on the chopping block, but found out this morning that I have until May 7 to find a new Twitter client.

TweetDeck to be discontinued for Android, iPhone, and AIR on May 7th

I spent 2 hours this morning looking for a replacement, but haven’t found what I want yet. Nothing out there really replicates what TweetDeck does:

  • I want to the option to post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, but also separately. (I don’t actually need my Facebook newsfeed in the client.)
  • Desktop app. If I wanted to use Twitter in the bloody browser, I would do that.
  • I want the post box to slide up from the bottom or down from the top, but not overlay the timeline.
  • I want single column AND multi-column views.
  • I want the app to take up as little horizontal space as possible: 250-300px wide in single column view is fine.
  • Keep toolbars and column navigation buttons out of the way.
  • Autocomplete for usernames.
  • Retweet options.

I would add cross-platform to the list, but I don’t want to seem greedy. I work on a Mac, use Ubuntu at home, and sometimes I just have to boot into Windows. I would be happy to settle for a different app in each OS if it fulfilled all the other requirements above.

Someone, please tell me my perfect Twitter client is out there.