My studies for the past year have zeroed in on best practices in HTML, CSS and design. I have included examples from classes, personal work, and a freelance project. Clicking on a screen shot will open the example in a new window.


I was part of a small team that redesigned The Independent Florida Alligator Web site during the summer of 2007, in preparation for the implementation of a Content Management System.


The most recent redesign of my Web site. As I learn both in class and on my own, I apply new techniques to the design. I have maintained the blog since December of 2006, when I migrated from Blogspot to my own domain.

creative commons gainesville

This was the culmination of my first semester of CSS. This project required some research and reporting. For my topic I chose Creative Commons licenses and their application in Gainesville. On the Web site I give a brief overview of the licenses and a number of interviews with people and services who use them.


This design was commissioned during Spring 2007. Working around my classes and other work, it took two months to complete.

positioning with CSS

Using the position, margin, padding and width properties in CSS, you can perfectly align divs in a Web site. The biggest problem with this assignment was that Internet Explorer and Firefox handle these properties differently. In order to meet the deadline of the assignment, I used an IE hack that allows conditional statements to accomodate those differences. I later learned how to position the divs without using the hack.

links and colors with CSS

The blue and grey screenshot is the file given to us by the professor. The green screenshot is my modification. Here we learned how to control color with CSS, design links and navigation. While the light green I used for the content background in this example looked fine on my monitor at home, I have since learned that large blocks of text are more easily read against even lighter colors across all monitors.

style text with CSS

This was an exercise in using CSS to control the appearence of text by manipulating font families, sizes, weights, line height, letter-spacing and other text properties.