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The Miso Project :: Dataset

The Miso Project :: Dataset

“Dataset is a JavaScript client-side data transformation and management library. Dataset makes managing client-side data easy by handling loading, parsing, sorting, querying & manipulating data from all sorts of sources.”

Miso project: how it will help you make your own Guardian-style infographics and data visualisations |

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Introducing the data journalism handbook

Introducing the data journalism handbook |

“The launch of the Data Journalism Handbook next week is the result of a unique journalistic collaboration…The book’s contributors are a who’s who of data journalism. There are pieces by data journalists from the BBC, the Chicago Tribune, the Financial Times, Propublica and the New York Times. And that’s besides contributions from three of us at the Guardian.”

Future Perfect » The Handbag Paradox

Future Perfect » The Handbag Paradox

…handbags carriers (and to a lesser extent other carriers of daily-use bags) are confronted with the handbag paradox that states: it is nearly always easier to add additional items to the bag than to sort through items to be removed, with the net result being that people walk around with significantly more stuff than they need.

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