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Getting Rid of Blue Links in Emails for iOS

I recently put together an email for JNF regarding a fancy event in NYC. The email was pretty great-looking, medium blue background color, white copy, black NYC skyline image at the bottom, really different from what we normally send out. Unfortunately, after hitting “Send,” I was almost immediately bombarded with complaints that on iOS devices, certain parts of the text were turning blue – a shade of blue that really didn’t show up well against the medium blue background color. Whoops.

Apparently, iOS devices highlight pieces of text that might be useful in your calendar or mapping application: dates, times, locations, etc. So all that copy was now practically illegible. I did some digging around the internets, and this article turned up repeatedly as the definitive solution: Update: Banning Blue Links on iOS Devices. Great! The email was scheduled to be resent in a couple of weeks anyway, so I would implement the fix for the resend.

Whomp Whomp. None of the suggestions in the article worked for me. After hours of testing, I finally gave up, got rid of my lovely blue background, and applied the same color (nearly indistinguishable from the color iOS uses) for the text. If anybody out there has an alternate solution for the blue link problem, I’d love to hear about it.

After this experience, I have several questions: How do other people conquer the blue link demon? Why does email (easily the most used form of communication for the past decade) still rely on technology and standards from the early 90s?

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