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Daily Summary

I did:

Got all my boundary service code ready to go: made changes to finder.js,, and Added shapefiles. Didn’t have to look up git commands! John Keefe got an EC2 instance running for me, using Chicago Tribune’s GeoDjango image. I should be able to get the app up pretty quickly from here!

Baked another couple hundred cookies. Wrapped said cookies up for mailing to family and friends. Spent an hour at the post office. Hey y’all, you’ve got cookies!

I learned:

Installing GeoDjango is STILL a bitch.

I need to start a notebook on all my project stuff as I do it; I keep forgetting passwords and filenames and commands. (Been meaning to do this for a long time, have never managed to implement it.) Have notebook, will fill.

EC2 isn’t as easy to work with as it should be. Why is this prep stuff so hard?

I read:

The Defense Bill Passed. So What Does It Do?

In Which We Teach You How To Be A Woman In Any Boys’ Club

Building Social Software for the Anti-Social

Dear Internet: It’s No Longer OK to Not Know How Congress Works

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