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Daily Summary

I did:

Figured out what changes I need to make to my boundary service JavaScript files.

Checked out this crazy Facebook Timeline biznass.

Poked around online programming classes. I think I’m gonna work on mastering JavaScript next. Or at least one of the libraries.

I learned:

Spiders can make more than one kind of silk, and have multiple spigots in their spinnerets. Spiders are awesome.

If I bring homemade toffee to work, people will eat it.

How to find New York State geometry data with Google’s geocoding API

I read:

NPR’s StateImpact project explores regional topics through focused, data-driven journalism
The network is taking the resources of a national news organization and applying them to the local level.

24 Ways: Extracting the Content
Use page tables to break Content down into content.

Dalek Smash Cake & Doctor Who-Themed Birthday Party

Create Stunning HTML Email that Just Works by Matthew Patterson
We really need to start from scratch with our email templates at work.

Multi-Device Web Design: An Evolution

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