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Times Open: Innovating Developer Culture

Totally forgot to post my notes from the TO event. Don’t have time right now to elaborate on them, but this is important stuff for any organization. Gonna come back to this after ONA11. The official recap is here.

Trends in NY Tech Jessica Lawrence
NYTech Meetup
Do you know any developers? – matchmaker
Ppl coming to NY for family, now ppl come to NY because of tech scene
VC $$
local + sharing
social graphs – best vendor
“We’re the blank of blank”
traditional degrees not keeping up
how to hire the right developers
-not based on list of attributes
-developer is not a tool (like office equipment)
-every member of team is integral
interview questions to find out WHO they are, make sure they fit with the team
who are you as an organization – hire ppl who fit that vision
panel interviews – learn more from observing dynamic
engineers look for:
challenging work, interesting people, autonomy and trust
avoid the dumbass effect:
overeacting to ppl doing dumbass things

Just Ship Ken Little
80 engineers
heavy bias toward change
management challenge:
encourage experiementation and rapid development
what slows people down? eliminate them!
if you’re not coding, be a catalyst
-small measurable changes frequently
-all roads lead to prodcution
-no barriers!
-continuously deploy
-commit daily
-code review
-unit testing
get from idea to production
hack weeks
make it harder to talk about the idea than to prototype – demos not memos
if you CAN do it, you can do it

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