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Learn Python The Hard Way, Exercise 37: Symbol Review

Some of these I haven’t been able to find. Gonna keep plugging along and hope I figure them out eventually.

and boolean operator
del delete
from initialize import
not boolean operator
while repeated execution as long as an expression is true
as rename an imported object
elif short for else if, and is used as part of an if statement
global declaration which holds for the entire current code block
or boolean operator
with wrap the execution of a block with
methods defined by a context manager
assert insert debugging assertions
else part of an if, while, for or try statement
if conditional execution
pass null op
yield used when defining a generator function
break terminate loop
except specify exception handlers
import find and initialize modules
print writes object of expression to output
class defines an object
exec execute code
in evaluates to true if x is a member of the set s
raise raise an exception
continue continues a loop cycle
finally part of the try statement
is operator tests for object identity
return return a value to the caller.
def defines a function
for loop
lambda create anonymous functions
try specifies exception handlers and/or cleanup code for a group of statements
Data Types
True x = x
False y = x
None absence of a value
strings “free beer”
numbers 1, 8, 38947345
floats 1.0, 8.0, 38947345.0
lists  [1, 9, apple]
String Escapes Sequences
\\ Backslash (\)
\’ Single quote (')
\” Double quote (")
\a ASCII Bell (BEL)
\b Backspace
\f ASCII Formfeed
\n New Line
\r Carriage Return
\t Horizontal Tab
\v Vertical Tab
+ sum
* multiply
** x to the power y
/ division
// quotient
% remainder
< less than
> greater than
<= less than or equal
>= greater than or equal
== equal
!= not equal
<> obsolete not equal
( ) arguments
[ ] list, arguments
{ } dictionary

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