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Twitter still can’t figure out how to make money

I just read this: Twitter Ads in Timelines Coming in Weeks – AllThingsD.

Twitter is pushing a new ad product called “Promoted Tweets To Followers,” set to launch by early August.

They allow brands to send messages directly to people who have already said they care about them — that is, Starbucks can target people who are already following Starbucks on Twitter. And they can ensure that Starbucks’ followers actually see the ad, by inserting them at the top of their timelines.

The following is the result of a conversation with a coworker regarding Twitter’s neverendingly bad attempts to make money.

First of all, if a “Promoted Tweet” is going to move, and not sit at the top, then am I just paying to have the word “Promoted” appear? Because other than that, it’s just a tweet.

If it IS going to sit at the top like an ad, then I’m just going to unfollow you and these ads will be counterproductive as brands’ followership plummets.

They’ve already tried the dickbar, it failed, move on.

Lastly, an example:

If there’s a Coke advertiser out there, and I’m a guy who loves Coke and only drinks Coke and follows them on Twitter and Facebook and is my homepage…

I’m not their target market! Why are you wasting advertising on your followers!? You’ve already got them in your circle.

Whats the difference between tweeting to people who are following you and tweeting to people who are following you?

Now, if they could promote tweets to followers of Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, THAT would be a business model.

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