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Journalism Warning Stickers Bookmarklet – Help?

When I first saw Tom Scott’s Journalism Warning Stickers, my first thought was that surely, by the next day, someone would have written a bookmarklet for them.

I haven’t seen one yet, so I’m taking a stab at it myself. (I’ve never written a bookmarklet before, so we’ll see how this works out…)

The idea: Create a bookmarklet that will open up a or Publish2 style sidebar overlay. From here, you can select which sticker to overlay on a web page, and create a URL for the page WITH the overlay to share on Twitter, FB, etc.

So far, I have the script that will overlay an image on a website:

  document.body.innerHTML+='<img src="
/jwarnings_02.gif?x23240" style="position:absolute; left: 200px; top: 150px; z-index: 1000">';

The image URLs are jwarnings_02.gif, 03.gif, etc.

I tried to link the bookmarklet here, but I think WP is messing with my code. Here’s a quick example of the output:


I’m gonna keep working on this, but if anyone wants to give me a hand, or point me in the direction of some useful code, I’d really appreciate it.


  1. This will be easy to do and I’d be happy to help but I’m not sure this would be a great way to do it.

    My question is, whats the point? Is it just for the satisfaction of inserting a label only you can see?

  2. Part of the idea is to generate a URL that runs the jscript so you can share it…I’m assuming this is doable…

  3. Ah, that would be a No then. Bookmarklet is not the solution. You would need a script running on a server accessible by you where it would could pass a URL like:

    or something…

  4. I’m assuming that’s how this ( works, right? Could you still do the user-end with a bookmarklet? And connect it to the server-side script to get the URL?

  5. Yes. Thats what NewsCrud does. The Bookmarklet would only help to provide a shortcut to a similar service.

  6. I assume you’ve seen how these guys do it?

    Like Michael said, it just forwards them to the other page, hosted on your server. Love the idea.

  7. Yup, Baconize and Cornify were my inspiration.