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Journalism Warning Stickers Bookmarklet – Help?

When I first saw Tom Scott’s Journalism Warning Stickers, my first thought was that surely, by the next day, someone would have written a bookmarklet for them.

I haven’t seen one yet, so I’m taking a stab at it myself. (I’ve never written a bookmarklet before, so we’ll see how this works out…)

The idea: Create a bookmarklet that will open up a or Publish2 style sidebar overlay. From here, you can select which sticker to overlay on a web page, and create a URL for the page WITH the overlay to share on Twitter, FB, etc.

So far, I have the script that will overlay an image on a website:

  document.body.innerHTML+='<img src="
/jwarnings_02.gif" style="position:absolute; left: 200px; top: 150px; z-index: 1000">';

The image URLs are jwarnings_02.gif, 03.gif, etc.

I tried to link the bookmarklet here, but I think WP is messing with my code. Here’s a quick example of the output:


I’m gonna keep working on this, but if anyone wants to give me a hand, or point me in the direction of some useful code, I’d really appreciate it.

  • This will be easy to do and I’d be happy to help but I’m not sure this would be a great way to do it.

    My question is, whats the point? Is it just for the satisfaction of inserting a label only you can see?

  • Part of the idea is to generate a URL that runs the jscript so you can share it…I’m assuming this is doable…

  • Ah, that would be a No then. Bookmarklet is not the solution. You would need a script running on a server accessible by you where it would could pass a URL like:

    or something…

  • I’m assuming that’s how this ( works, right? Could you still do the user-end with a bookmarklet? And connect it to the server-side script to get the URL?

  • Yes. Thats what NewsCrud does. The Bookmarklet would only help to provide a shortcut to a similar service.

  • Hm, OK. Thanks!

  • I assume you’ve seen how these guys do it?

    Like Michael said, it just forwards them to the other page, hosted on your server. Love the idea.

  • Yup, Baconize and Cornify were my inspiration.

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