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How I Keep Busy While Looking For Work

My most recent bout of unemployment has now lasted about four months. A friend asked me the other day how I avoid going insane with boredom. This post is my answer.

1. Job Hunting – This eats up a couple of hours every day. I go through my job search results via RSS, check Craigslist, email past freelance clients, write cover letters, fill out online forms, etc. I’ve been going light on this because of my upcoming wedding (see below), but will jump right back into the fray when I get back from the honeymoon.

2. Exercise – You know, that thing you never have time for because you have a full-time job? I try to do an hour a day of cardio (sometimes running through Central Park with friends, other times running at the track near Yankee Stadium by myself or using my elliptical machine while watching TV at home). I also do yoga at home twice a week, and do body strength workouts every other day. I keep track of my eating habits and and workouts with DailyBurn. (This has nothing to do with my wedding, by the way, I just feel better when I blow off steam.)

3. Keeping Up – Just because I’m not in an office doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to what’s going on in offices all over the place. RSS and Twitter give me plenty to read and think about.

4. Learn Something New – At least once a day I come across some code or tutorial I want to try out. Lately, I’ve also been learning how to cook! A few months ago, I could barely make scrambled eggs. Husband-elect would get home from work and we would scrounge up whatever was ready to eat for dinner, or order in. Now, I try to make dinner a couple times a week. Even when I screw up, I learn something.

5. Planning a Wedding – I’m getting married in less than a month (Sept. 7!) and for the past 2 months, the planning has been a major part of my daily schedule. Even though it’s going to be a low-key affair, I still had to send out invitations and find a place to party.

6. Gaming – Mmm, timesuck.

How could I possibly be bored with all this stuff to do?

Umemployment sucks on a whole lot of levels. Boredom does NOT have to be one of them.

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