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Community Tool, Teaching Tool

Globalstudentjournalists Anna Rodrigues, a journalism professor at Durham College in Oshawa, Canada, has spent the last year developing a project that will at once serve as a global community for journalism students and as a teaching tool in her classroom.

Global Student Journalists is a social media network where student journalists from around the world can connect. The network allows students from any journalism program in the world to become a member and upload their work – video, audio, images etc – to the site for other students to look at and give feedback.

This site will also be used in my classroom as a teaching tool in online community management. I had been struggling with a way to teach students how to manage comments and members in a newsroom context so this became a way to do that.

If you’re not registered, there isn’t much to see. Rodrigues says the site was built to provide students with a private community. Once logged in, students can show their work and comment on other work that has been posted. Comments and membership will be moderated by Roderigues’ students, in an effort to teach them about online community management.

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