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New Washington Post Blog on Economic and Domestic Policy

The Washington Post launched a new blog yesterday, written by Ezra Klein.

That’s how the e-mail I got introduced it too. “a blog by Ezra Klein.” Pardon me, but who the @#$% is Ezra Klein?

Klein comes to The Post from The American Prospect, where he quickly built a dedicated following and became a widely recognized voice.

OK, nice credentials, but I still have no idea who this guy is.

Apparently he is going to write pretty extensively on “legislative issues at the top of the Obama administration’s agenda, including economic recovery, reviving the banking system, cap and trade, and health-care reform.”

Important stuff. Why didn’t you lead with that, instead of expecting me to recognize a by-line?

The blog itself is off to a pretty good start, even if Washington Post PR isn’t.

  • A section called “Think Tank” will be updated with articles, studies, and policy briefs.
  • Ezra Klein is on Twitter.
  • His blogroll links outside of Washington Post blogs.

No word on how much he’ll interact with his readers, so I’ll withhold judgment on that point.

Oops, Ezra didn’t write his own About page:

ezraklein has what Ezra needs to know to make his blog rock: Creating the perfect beatblog.

More about Ezra Klein:

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