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A new look to show off skills and experience

Yesterday's look

Yesterday's look

You may notice that the site looks radically different today, after being offline yesterday.

I’ve switched to Darren Hoyt’s Mimbo 3.0 theme, for a couple of reasons.

Why are you changing your site, AGAIN?!

One is that I’ve always used this site as a learning experience. Learning about how WordPress can be twisted into much more than it was originally intended to be. Learning more about design. Learning about building communities.

The second major reason is that the content of the site has changed a lot since its inceptions. What started out as an experiment in blogging has become my home, a place where I collect all the various things I do online.

Now, I participate in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I’ve started freelancing, both as a web developer and journalist.

I wanted a new way to approach all those things. To show what I can do, what I have done, what I’m thinking about and reading.

Where is everything now?

Today's Look

Today's Look

So, assuming you land on the front page, (and I know, most of you reading this are not) you’ll see several divisions in content. The most recent story is more prominent. A small right-hand column displays recent works and job experience. The middle column lists recent blog posts. And the ever-present sidebar? Well, that has remained largely the same.

The navigation has changed as well. I went back through my posts and have started to collect some of them into series pages. These are the drop-down pages you’ll see if you hover on the Archive link. I merged “Sink, Florida, Sink,” my road trip to NYC blog, into this one, while still making it easy to follow the journey.

Finally, I’ve installed the DISQUS plugin for comments. I really like the way they integrate comments that are made on social media sites and add tools to develop conversations on the blog.

Please help me out

There’s some tweaking to do, and a few more ideas I want to try out. I’m hoping you’ll all help me with that: Take a look around over the next week and let me know what’s working and what isn’t. What do you like? What do you hate? I’d really appreciate your feedback.

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