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Smart Pricing in Google Adsense

A few weeks ago, I saved this blog post about how to avoid Smart Pricing in Google Adsense on a WordPress blog.

By now, most people know that Smart Pricing is a penalty Google applies to Adsense accounts that don’t convert well for the advertiser, resulting in you earning only about 10% of what you’d normally earn per click.

Basically, this can be fixed by making yours ads sensitive to cookies so that only people who find your Web site through a search engine (and thus, not likely to be returning visitors) will see the ads. Supposedly these visitors are more likely to click on ads.

I’ve initiated this today as a test. I’m not making much on Adsense, and before I end that experiment I’d like to give this a shot.

More Web sites need to be sensitive to what kinds of visitors they have, treating search engine and direct referrals differently. I want to experiment with this concept a little here, but I need to read up some more on how this works and what the best methods are.

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