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Apps for America


Sunlight Labs recently announced Apps for America, a mashup contest to create applications using Sunlight data to “make Congress more accountable, interactive and transparent.”

Sunlight is offering $15,000 as the first prize, and scaled prizes to second, third and honorable mentions.

Entries must be applications that use a host of government information APIs or datasets, including the Sunlight Labs API, API, the API, the Capitol Words API and other Sunlight APIs and datasets. We also encourage you to use Sunlight’s code libraries, which the Labs recently open sourced.

Adrian Holovaty – Founder,, Django Project, Aaron Swartz – Director,, Peter Corbett – iStrategyLabs, Xeni Jardin – and Clay Johnson – Director, Sunlight Labs will judge the entries.

Submissions are due on March 31st. Winners will be announced on April 7th.

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