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Get up, set up, fall down

On Friday we signed the papers and handed over the necessary monies for our new home. When I said “Can we move in tonight?” in unthinking excitement, Kyle just looked at me.
All day Saturday was spent hauling boxes out of the truck, across the street and into our second floor apartment.
The television didn’t fit in the elevator, so we had to carry that up the stairs.
We could advertise a new weight loss program: move your shit from one place to another. Trust me, it works.
Yesterday we relaxed. I had the energy handover from hell and couldn’t stay awake for more than 30 mins at a time.
We spent this morning unpacking, then made a trip to Target for kitty litter and window blinds. Next on the list: sofa and air conditioner.
The TV and Internet people come Thursday. Huzzah!