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The last few days have been a series of interesting events.

Alright, I’ll admit, it’s at least partially my fault we got lost trying to find the hotel our first night in Jersey.

But at least that was driving. So we wasted some gas and perhaps caused some damage to our belongings on the roads that were potholes filled with potholes filled with…these things can be dealt with.

Shin splints and torn muscles however, are a more immediate problem. I’m used to plenty of walking. But the hills are new to me. And walking 3 miles further than we had to was, while a great weight-loss program, undermining to future ventures.

I got a program for my Blackberry that will help navigate the subways so we don’t end up going 45 mins in the wrong direction, again.

Sorry, Kyle. But that’s what you get for raining all over my flaming zombie parade.

Tomorrow we find out whether or not we have a place to live. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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