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Hanging out with Waldo

Suffice is to say that we’ve just had ‘a day.’

For starters, nothing went up here yesterday because the pain of driving throug Jersey was too great to distill down to words. Anyone care to know where Carlstadt is? No, you don’t. Just look for a bridge that is an amalgamation of potholes and rough-as-possible patches, then flee in the other direction.

There was much in the way of going in the wrong direction and angrily cringing at the massive jolts to all my worldly posessions.

Today was what condescending coaches call a team’s latest loss: a learning experience.

Classical concert musicians don’t need as much practice as MTA and NJT users. This is because mistakes are far more costly in the latter. A relatively minor subway error aside, the real trouble came on the 161 bus. Errantly thinking that a missed stop could be made up by simply riding the line in a circle – like a person can do on damn near any other one – begat surprises. As Dave Chappelle noted once, going into the ghetto needs warning.

Looking out the window, earnestly hoping that the driver would begin going the other way soon, the most telltale signs appeared: liquor store, mini mart, liquor store, herd of bums, liquor store, shady group of loiterers, liquor store, liquor store, liquor store. Good thing that we had to pay them again to drive us back through this area, with the addition of just such shady people (complete with their aromas) in the bus.

Oh, but there is indeed good news. There is a place on Segwick Ave. We met the super after being told that this is a place where it wouldn’t be too surprising to get in next-day, without even having a job. The dude was not only incredibly friendly and funny to boot, but you could tell after 2 seconds that he is very invested in the place and the people there. Apartment is nice, good price, and something else with an “-ice” at the end.

There are some problems surfacing with how to get in there, relating to the whole income and providing paper guarantees that we can pay them. But we’re actively working on that.