Megan Taylor

front-end dev, volunteacher, news & data junkie, bibliophile, Flyers fan, sci-fi geek and kitteh servant

A jill of all trades takes on the city

Online journalist. Print journalist. Broadcast journalist.

I HATE those differentiations. I’m a journalist. A jill of all trades. I love everything about the job: writing, talking, listening, thinking, programming, shooting, editing, watching.

The thing about journalism is that you’re never really doing the same thing day after day. Every day is new and different. Every subject is interesting and worthwhile.

Unlike Kyle, I have no history with New York. Unless you count the tour of Holocaust memorials my parents took me on when I was 12.

No, my interest is in the adventure. I just graduated in May and realized a few things:

  • I’ve never seen snow.
  • I’ve never really deviated from the well-trodden path.
  • My ideal job doesn’t exist yet.
  • My timing sucks: the industry and economy are not going to be good to me right now.

What better solution than to flee South Florida to journalism mecca? To make my way among the masses, to build my skills, to hone my understanding of people?

On a wing and a prayer. More like on a wing and a savings account.