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Mood swinging journalists

Shortly after was introduced to all the gripe-y journos of the world, Joe Murphy brought us Happy Journalist.

Meranda Watling wrote about both sites, even going so far as to make a study of what makes journalists angry.

Angry Journalist was recommended to me as a way to vent my frustrations as well, but I find that random bitching is totally unsatisfying. I want to work myself into a proper rage, unleash it on someone, and then figure out how to work around it. Bitching on an anonymous Web site does not compare to a good rage.

Happy Journalists seems more productive to me. Once I’m done raging and have figured out a solution, that problem-solving high can only be augmented by sharing.

Of course, it’s much easier to complain than to solve a problem, so Angry Journalist currently has 1,922 posts, where Happy Journalist only has 74 “pieces of happiness”.

Come on people, stop clogging up my tubes with your bitching and start solving the problem!