Megan Taylor

front-end dev, volunteacher, news & data junkie, bibliophile, Flyers fan, sci-fi geek and kitteh servant

Seen it all?

I need new examples. I’ve seen at least a dozen times. I’ve explored it on my own. The same goes for many other sites that are presented during classes and conferences: MediaStorm, Google maps, NYT infographics, Onbeing

I go back to those same sites when I need an idea. When I need to be inspired. I try to figure out how I can do what they did. But I want more.

I want a website with resource links to all kinds of online journalism: databases, video, maps, graphics, design, you name it. Constantly updated so I can find new things.

Wait. It exists. It’s updated every day by hundreds of people. And it’s not limited to online journalism.

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