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Not all sunshine and roses

I had a great time at SNDBoston, and I learned a lot. Unfortunately, one of those things made me really sad.

Friday night, SND goers were bused over to a club in the Theatre District, Felt. Somehow, three floors of pool tables and dancing space were reserved just for us.

After milling around to see if anyone I knew (from the blogosphere or otherwise) was there, I settled into a conversation with a couple of older journos hanging out in the back. One of them was very receptive to my explanations and enthusiasm about online journalism. But the other kept asking me, “So, you want to be a tech?”

After some probing, I discovered that a “tech” is someone who shovels content onto the Web site. Ugh.

It came as a surprise, surrounded as I am at school by people who “get it,” or are trying to, that my geeky tendencies would relegate me to something so distasteful. My reporting skills are fine, I just happen to enjoy coding as much as I do writing.