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SNDBoston: Brainstorming Session: Design

Robert Newman (Resource Guides on the site) and Kate Elazegui present examples and tips for fresh design.

This may be because I’m not a designer, but I’m really confused by the constant “These are the designs I’ve done” thing. Yes, we learn by looking at other people’s work, we get ideas from other work, but I really don’t feel like I’m getting much out of this. Also, brainstorming to me means we present a challenge or problem and toss around possible solutions. Does going back through your portfolio and telling me about your thought processes count?

– Collect illustrations and layouts you like to look at while brainstorming.

– Functionality and practicality over beautiful design

I left this session 30 minutes early and wandered over to the exhibits. Found some cool things I’ll write about after lunch.

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