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Beginning is the hardest part

In the last week, I started a new semester, launched a website with a new CMS and design, stayed awake for 48 hours, got sick, got well, spent an unjustifiable amount of money on books, cleaned my apartment twice, turned 21, interviewed three people, and caught up on the summer backlog.

But thus far, I have met with success on all fronts.

This semester is really exciting for me because I am the New Media Managing Editor at The Independent Florida Alligator, 9 months away from graduation, and my various connections and activities are going places and getting results. Awesome. It’s also very stressful, for the same reasons. Trying to sync up schedules at three different jobs during the first week of classes results in a lot of mayhem, but that should be settled now. All I have to do is not fall behind.

My responsibilities for this semester include:

  • · Bringing more people, news and multimedia to The Independent Florida Alligator web site
  • · 4 classes: Photographic Journalism, Problems and Ethics in Journalism, Reporting and Writing for the Web, and Advanced Interactive Reporting
  • Advanced Interactive Reporting is a brand new class governed by self-directed learning in which we will be designing a converged newsroom. At least, that’s what the syllabus says. So far, I’m still not sure what we’re doing, except that it will involve multimedia and teamwork. Fun.

  • · Consulting at the UF Computing Help Desk
  • · Updating and upgrading the Citizen Access Project Web site
  • · Writing a weekly post for Angela Grant’s News Videographer blog
  • · and of course, keeping up my own blog!

I know that looks like a lot of work, but I’m confident that I can get it all done with my usual determination and of course, endless bottles of Mountain Dew.

The beginning has passed, and I just have to keep going.

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