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The Independent Florida Alligator New Student Edition: Mappage

Last night, while uploading the new student edition articles to the Alligator Web site, Brett Roegiers and I tossed together a Google map of all the locations mentioned in various articles, complete with driving directions. Ahhh, last minute media.

To create the map, I used the method described in Matt Waite’s post, “Why (some) journalists should learn (some) code.”

The most aggravating part was getting the latitude and longitude for each address, especially for places on campus that don’t really have addresses. I used a combination of GeoCoder and this Lat/Long Bookmarklet for Google Maps.

There has got to be a better way to grab lat/long. I know that it is possible to generate the locations through a Google Spreadsheet, and even generate the entire map this way, as well.

Does anyone know any other tricks?

Edit: Matt can’t seem to keep his site up and running, so you’ll have to search for his post.

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