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Classes in Review: Conclusion

This is the last post in the Classes in Review series. A new semester is starting next week, and I’m going to try to keep up with writing about my classes here.

I’ve loved almost all of my journalism classes so far. And my professors are some of the most passionate, dynamic people I know. I’ve got one year left, and then I’ll be writing from the real world. Hopefully, I’ll be writing from a newsroom, and I’ll be surrounded by passionate, dynamic people.

Reporting taught me AP Style, tenacity and flexibility. Applied Fact Finding opened up a new world of information for me to explore. I learned how to think like an editor and use that to make me a better journalist in Advanced Editing. And Advanced Online Media showed me one path that I’d really like to follow.

I hope this last year of college is as fulfilling as the past three have been.

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