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A brief yet triumphant intermission

I’m no good at taking vacations. Relaxation is a foreign state. I need to be working, thinking, producing. But for the last two weeks I’ve found myself to be either immensely frustrated with my work or forced into vacation mode by visitors who just will not let me be productive.

On the other hand, last week I won a promotion at The Independent Florida Alligator to New Media Managing Editor. While I am confident that I can do the job, our web-workflow is changing, and I have to figure out how to maximize the time that will no longer be spent cutting and pasting Word documents into PHP templates. This is both worrisome and exciting.

I’ll continue the Classes in Review series next week, and probably mix it up with some M.E.-type thoughts. Until then, the links will keep coming.

(post title comes from a song by Against Me!)