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Classes in Review: Advanced Editing pt3

I’ve run pretty long in the last couple posts, and I’d like to cut this one shorter ’cause I’m sure you all are tired of this class already.

I know I am, cause this was only a month or so ago for me.

So, 2 more quickies:

It’s really not that hard to put in the correct characters when using words in other languages. America touts itself as the “melting pot,” but our major English newspapers ignore accent marks and other diacritics that CHANGE THE MEANINGS OF WORDS. I get pissed when people try to spell my name Meghan or Meagan, imagine how Aly Colón feels? I believe my exact comment in class was: “For a country that is supposed to be a ‘melting pot,’ I’m smelling New England clam chowder.”

We read multiple stories about newspapers laying off copy editors. And I keep thinking, what a horrible idea. Journalism was a fast-paced business to begin with. Online, it has to be even faster. But that speed cannot come at the price of accuracy. Faster news = more editors to handle the break-neck speed and information load. Right?

And that about covers it.

My favorite thing about this class was that our professor was Web-savvy enough to make us think about how to take articles online. We had 2 different class blogs, he encouraged us to use Google Docs and Spreadsheets to collaborate, and he didn’t mind when I jumped in with my crazy online ramblings that no one really gets.

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