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Solutions and Suggestions for news sites

More important than the “Eight historical mistakes the newspaper industry made” were the eight solutions posted by Howard Owens on Monday.

My picks:

  • Fix your classifieds. Make online free, with pay-for-print up sells and enhanced classifieds; make classifieds a social networking opportunity; promote the hell out of the fact that your classifieds still reach more people than any other local alternative.
  • Put a great universal search engine on your site, and crawl all content (not just your own site) related to your coverage area.
  • Be the platform. Update frequently, encourage participation, add more and broader levels of content, converse with your site visitors.

Then today, Angela Grant threw TV news sites a few bones.
My favorites:

  • First, make the sites about the news and not the “talent.” Who cares about them anyways? Not me.
  • Ditch shovel ware. Instead of uploading exactly what you broadcast, edit videos specifically for the Web.
  • Make all your videos embeddable in blogs and any other site.

But wait, just TV news? Angela’s points apply (almost) equally to all news sites.

Be newsy, be real, be diverse (content, media, etc.), be useful and find ways to make the money without alienating your community.