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In every one of my classes, professors have asked how many students read or write blogs. I am always a little shocked by how few have explored the potential of blogs.

Few of my friends share my enthusiasm for multimedia journalism blogs. Those that do tend to share my habit of speaking of these journalist/bloggers as if I’ve meet them. It’s a habit that those outside of the blogosphere find strange.

On Tuesday, I got to meet a few of my heroes. After almost 12 hours of observing and chatting with Joe Weiss, Regina McCombs, and Chuck Fadely, I found that the gods are mortal.

They’re not super-geniuses looking down on the rest of j-land. They’re people who have been in the business long enough to understand what journalism needs and how to get it. We discussed the ways people get into journalism, the development of Soundslides, differences of taste in online video and gossiped about the goings-on at various newspapers.

Thank you all for hangin’ out. It’s great to put a face and a voice to the people I admire.

Edit: What I get for writing posts on the go: It was Monday, not Tuesday.