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Staying in the know with RSS

Yesterday a post from Lifehack described how to use Technorati, Digg,, to stay on top of all the news that’s fit to read, especially in a particular field.

Since I’m always looking for new journalism and online journalism blogs, I thought this would be a great way to bring those blogs to me instead of searching for them.

So I nabbed the RSS feed for a Technorati search for “journalism.” So far, this one has been really great. I’m getting a lot of interesting and relevant articles from this one.

I also got the RSS for the same search term on Digg. This one is not as good. I’m getting a lot of stuff that doesn’t pertain to journalism at all. I may try a new search term or just give up on Digg altogether.

Then I subscribed to the feed for popular links tagged with “journalism.” Like Technorati, this is turning out nicely.

I’m finding a lot of new resources without having to search for them, which is always awesome. I’m gonna add some more search terms and see how that turns out. Can you think of any other ways to pull in information like this?