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Online Journalism Review Review

Reposted from my class assignment blog:

Online Journalism review ( is a great resource for how to do good online journalism. It’s essentially a blog written by some of the experts, covering topics from free online applications to RSS. They also have a great discussion board where you can find commentary from OJR’s readers. This site has been in my feed reader for at least six months now, and is always a worthy read. They also put together some resources for online journalism ethics, video and student journalism. They even created an RSS mash-up of what OJR considers to be the best online journalism blogs (another one of my subscriptions).

and a classmate’s analysis of

The website I had to check was It’s a pretty good non-partisan website aimed at checking the accuracy of statements done by politicians, political organizations, and the government. I think it would be a useful site for a journalist looking to find contrasting views of a political event or political publicity. It’s archives have decent depth to look into facts that happened a while back. I did find that though the site claims not to have party favoritism, at the present time, most of the people under the microscope seem to be republicans. Maybe this is just due to what has been going on recently.

We were each assigned a Web site to analyze, in terms of content and usefulness rather than design.

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