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Of maps, classifieds and social media

Facebook recently released free local classifieds, also known as Facebook Marketplace. The interface could be a little cleaner, but it’s no worse than Craigslist…no telling how this will effect the classifieds industry. I use a combination of Craigslist and LiveJournal to get things for free or cheap. Facebook is extremely popular among college students as a social networking site, but will they post ads? Depending on the reaction, I’ll have to add Facebook to my “I hate being broke” browsing.

A Craigslist and Google Maps mashup called Mapskrieg shows exactly where Craigslist housing listings are located. In some cases, you could probably get a great satellite view of the area. I poked around Gainesville and Miami (my hometown), and sent the link to some friends who are looking for a change of residence. Looks like a really useful tool.

I know the Gainesville Sun and the Independent Florida Alligator both carry classifieds online. The Sun’s are a searchable database, while the Alligator provides a .pdf due to limited resources. It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to grab data from Craigslist and other popular online ad sites and create a ginormous pile of ads. Mix it with Google Maps. Make it easy to search. Give it a feed. Give it to us for free, we’re gonna get it anyway, we might as well be spending time on your site.

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