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Paper Planes: Battle!

pp.jpgIn middle school, we had to do science projects every year. One year, dad and I played with batteries and sodium solutions. Another, we tackled woodworking. But my favorite was when we decided to find out what paper weight and design was best for paper airplanes.

I know people who can do amazing things with paper airplanes, but we were going for straight distance. We chose 4 paper weights and 10 designs. It was a very good weekend.

One that can be relived via Paper Pilot: Battle of the Air. Design a digital paper airplane and see how it will fly!

While the online media are doing great things with Flash packages in order to tell stories, the concept behind Paper Pilot is to get the user to participate. I would love to see a story package that included something like this, where appropriate, of course.

Journalism doesn’t have to be serious, straight-faced news. I’ve seen a few Flash news stories disguised as games, but not many. What do ya wanna bet those few got more page views and time? If you know of any cool Flash news games, leave ’em in the comments.