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Budget tripods

Productivity blog Lifehacker revealed a neat “string tripod” the other day. On further inspection they’ve written about other creative tripod solutions as well.

I don’t have a tripod for my current camera, and the tripod from my old one is too light and cheap for the new one. Angela Grant consistently recommends the use of a tripod and my hands are rather notoriously shaky. So here are a few neat ideas. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I’ll write about it when I do.

The String Tripod: an eyebolt, nut and nylon cord triple as a fairly steady monopod, bipod and tripod.


The Water Bottle Monopod: screw your camera onto the cap of a full water bottle. Good for outdoor shots on hot days.

The Ghetto Tripod: wire and tape solve everything. Add a bolt and shoot away.

I’ve a definite hankering to try out the string tripod. The ghetto-pod is a little unsightly, but would be great if there’s a pipe or some such handy to affix your camera to. The waterbottle-pod would be great for someone who drinks a lot of water, I don’t but it might encourage me to!

Any other DIY tripod ideas? Any experience with any of these?

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