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Anatomy interactive graphic

Health Tools Online has a great series of interactive graphics detailing human anatomy and various medical conditions and surgeries.

I didn’t look at every one, but the anatomy of the heart caught my eye.

It’s a very good graphic, with nice large text and little animations to show how the heart works. The design and layout of the stage are well thought-out and attractive, the illustrations are detailed and colored highlights make it very easy to see what the text refers to. The explanation is divided between interior and exterior functions. The exterior animation is accompanied by zoom, rotation and move options, while the interior explanation has more animations that show how and where blood moves through the heart.

I’m confused by just one thing though. The “move” function. This lets you move the heart around the stage, including into text boxes and partially off the visible area. I can’t figure out why this is there. I don’t see any reason to move the heart from its original location, especially when you can rotate it. (By the way, the rotate button is a little hard to use.)

Otherwise, I think this is a great example of how interactive graphic should work. I wish I’d had access to something like this in high school biology.

Side note: They’re using something called Holomatix 3D instead of Flash, which I assume allows for the rotate functions.

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