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A Reminder: the Web-literacy rate is low

A series of late-night calls from my sister last night reminded me that most people don’t know where the best free Web site hosting is, how to create content outside of the limitations of WYSIWYG, or how to use HTML or CSS correctly.

Now, I’m not claiming to be an expert is CSS, but I’ve been using HTML since I was 12. What surprised me most was how much CSS I really have absorbed.

Backtrack: My sister had to create a Web site about an author as a class project. She was finishing up and working of the Works Cited section when she called me, asking how to create links, spaces between paragraphs, and indentations.

I instantly went into a series of CSS styles that would take care of the spacing, rattling off margins and padding off the top of my head. Then I realized that she wouldn’t know how to implement any of that, being limited to Tripod’s free web space. (Nothing against Tripod, that’s where my first site was hosted.)

It took about 30 seconds to explain the uses of paragraph and pre-formated tags; and a few minutes to talk her out of using the “space” hack.

I spent a good five minutes laughing at myself for being such a geek.

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