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I fail at Google Trends

I took a look at Google Trends today, a feature of Google Reader that tracks how many feeds you read, what time of day you read them, active and inactive subscriptions, and what you read most, star most, and share most.

Unfortunately, my reading technique skews the results so that only the inactive/active trend is of any use to me.

You see, with 101 subscriptions (down from 115 due to inactive) I usually read my feeds in list view. I scroll through this list by hitting the spacebar, which opens and then marks as read the item in question. This means that EVERYTHING is technically “read.”

Now, there are a few ways I could alter my reading behavior so that it wouldn’t skew my trends. (uncheck mark as read and mark each item I actually read as read individually, for one) But they also slow me down.

The problem becomes speed vs accuracy. And my lack of time management skills trumps my curiosity, in this case.

So long, Google Trends, and thanks for all the…