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10 Things This Blogger Will Tell You

A rather spiteful, holier-than-thou article managed to gain my attention while going through RSS feeds today. This one made it on Digg, which means two things: a) people on Digg only read the title and description of an article before “digging” it and/or b) people on Digg think blogs are stupid. Considering that so much of the material is from blogs, I find the second one dubious.

Interestingly, the article comes from what looks suspiciously like a ::gasp:: blog.

So, “10 Things Your Blogger won’t Tell You” and my response:

1. “Hardly anybody reads me.”

I’ve got a subscription of around 30 daily readers (as tracked by Feedburner, so this is just RSS). That’s not even approaching the readership of an A-list blog. However, I’m a student with no recognizable name or branding and I’ve only been blogging for 5 months. Plus, I moved the blog once during that time.

Readership may be a sign of success, but I’m not sure lack thereof is a sign of failure in this case.

2. “The more companies pay me, the more I like their stuff.”

I wish I was making money off this blog. I’m a starving college kid, I need it.

3. “Did I mention I’m not a real reporter?”

Hmm. I’ve mentioned that I’m a J-school student, I’ve linked to or posted about articles I’ve had published.
And in the middle of the citizen journalism revolution, what is a real reporter?

4. “I might infect your computer with a virus.”

Or you might get one by clicking on every shiny pop-up that comes your way. Or by playing poker online. Or by watching porn. Not that I’m comparing any of those to my blog…

5. “I’m revealing company secrets.”

I’m gonna play the citizen journalism card again. What secrets?

6. “Just because my name’s on it doesn’t mean I wrote it.”

It’s so much more fun to comment on what other people write than to claim it as my own.

7. “My blog is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things.”

I really don’t think the fact that I write a blog is going to get me hired at any news organization. Can’t hurt, though.

8. “I can control what you see on the Internet.”

Nope. And I don’t want to.

9. “Blogging just about ruined my life.”

Not yet. It has been an interesting ride so far.

10. “I’m already obsolete.”

Hey, you 30 people that read this: Am I?

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