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10 ways to combine media and RSS

Bryan Murley and I started playing with SplashCast at around the same time. He used it to aggregate some media videos. I’ve been puttering around with showing off pictures and videos of my own.

Today I saw this article, 10 Things You Can Do with Mixed Media RSS. Yes, it was released by SplashCast. But it is a great list of ways to integrate media and RSS, whether or not you work with a media organization.

Most relevant to those who are in the media biz:

Report Breaking News in Mixed Media: RSS Enables Fast, Automatic Notification
If you’re covering an important event in video, narrated photos, audio or a combination of all kinds of media – why not run your SplashCast RSS feed through an RSS-to-IM service? Zaptxt, Rasasa, FeedCrier and other services will let your viewers sign up for an Instant Message or SMS whenever your SplashCast RSS feed updates. No need for them to keep checking back to see if there’s a new installment to your breaking coverage!

Create A Collaborative News Network: Splice Your Feed With Other Peoples’
Splicing together multiple SplashCast channel RSS feeds into one RSS feed (using FeedRinse, FeedDigest or another 3rd party service of your choice) lets multiple users collaborate while retaining individual attribution and control over their personal channels. Right now we limit each embedded player to displaying one channel – but RSS subscribers can easily watch one feed that combines multiple channels.

Check out the list for more great ideas. And if you can think of others, leave ’em in the comments.

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