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To Twitter?

You’d have to be living under the Interock for the past two weeks not to know what Twitter is.

Discussion of the application of Twitter to news and newspapers, for networking, GTD (Getting Things Done, etc. has been widespread and creative. I’ve seen a lot of news media people jump on the Twitter wagon.

However, I’m not sure how Twitter could be useful to me. I’m on AIM or have my cellphone with me at all times. I don’t really care if you’re having lunch with so-and-so, watching tv, or grading papers. If I want to see someone, I call or e-mail or IM and ask to do so. Twitter seems to me to take the Facebook stalking phenomenon to a whole new level.

Will I remember to update it? Will my nemesis follow my every move and attack when I’m vulnerable? Will not using Twitter make me look like an old fogie?

What do you guys think about Twitter?