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Scrubs: The Doctor and the Information Age

I save a lot of shows on my DVR, mostly to provide cool-down time after a grueling day of class and work. One among them is “Scrubs,” a hospital sitcom gone comedy (or a comedy gone hospital sitcom).

Last night, I watched an episode in which the Chief of Medicine was challenged to connect with a patient as a doctor. To his dismay, his patient showed no respect for his position, and found out what she wanted to know on her Internet-connected cellphone. The good doctor spends some time ranting in dismay at the lack of regard for a position once held so highly.

I see a similar trend in the media. Once, the media was how people found out about what was going on. Newspapers and mass media were not subject to the suspicion and cynicism of the public. But now, like the patient, citizens have found other ways to gather information.

Journalists had better “stoop” to their level, or else.

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