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Governments online, social or otherwise

My hometown cops, the Miami Dade Police Department, is on MySpace. They have a theme song, videos and safety tips. Apparently, the Department is in a relationship and its zodiac sign in Capricorn. I hate to say, it could be legit.
miami dade police dapertment myspace

Even better than the Washington Post’s Congress RSS feed: OpenCongress brings together official government data with news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind each bill. OpenCongress is a joint project of the Participatory Politics Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation. They have a Digg-like visualization and RSS feed for “Most Viewed Bills,” “Bills Most Covered in the News” and “Bills Most Covered in Blogs.” You can also look at issue areas by popularity and the home page displays the Most Viewed Senator and Representative: right now, Barack Obama and Heather Wilson.
This is really awesome, and a must-see for those politically inclined.

The Sunlight Foundation is also host to the Congressional Web site Investigation Project. They asked volunteer Web surfers to analyze and grade the official Web site of each member of Congress. I did one a week or so ago, to see the rubric, which unfortunately I can’t pull up now. But basically we were asked to find whether or not a member posted certain information (required by law or not) on their Web site. The results of the study will be publish within the next 10 days.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Goes Social
from 901am by muhammad saleem. The Washington Post has more.
United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
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