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More on RSS: Washington Post

Quick New York Times update: I got a lot of feeds in around 10 p.m. last night. Whether this is a result of technology or updating, I don’t know yet. I also haven’t gotten the Week in Review feed yet today.

On the Washington Post:

I subscribe to the general Washington Post feed as well as a nifty feed that tells me how my representatives in Congress are voting. (That’s a super-neat feature by the way.)

Only about 10 feeds in on the main feed so far, though most are also visible on the Washington Post home page. Again, nothing to multimedia packages.

So maybe newspapers just haven’t figured out this RSS thing yet. I would assume that the best times to send out feeds would be early morning, right before the lunch hour, in the evening and later at night. Instead most of the feeds come in late at night, with only a straggle throughout the day. Also, I’m not getting feeds containing or linking to multimedia.

If newspaper sites are still focused on page views, they’re more than six months behind the trend. I have the option to gather news into a feed reader from any source I want, for the most part bypassing the site itself unless I’m interested enough to go poke around.

My conclusion, and advice to news Web sites: Make me want to poke you!