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Honorable mention

I was mentioned on Colombia Journalism Review!

The money saved could well expand and improve local coverage, but journalistically speaking there is no tangible way to measure what is lost. “One of the principles behind the free press is the ‘marketplace of ideas,'” blogged Megan Taylor, a journalism student at the University of Florida. “If papers trade in their own voices for those of larger outlets, the number of voices in the arena, the number of perspectives heard by the public, is reduced.”

The inherent danger in going local, Taylor noted, is that it could push more readers “even further into the Internet, searching for the news and voices we want.”

“We’ve already started to shift our loyalties to bloggers (vloggers, mobloggers, etc.) and alternate sources of news. That’s why you, Mr. Media CEO, are getting rid of seasoned reporters and recruiting newbies with online capabilities,” she wrote. “Way to shoot yourself in the foot.”


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