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Microwaves, Sponges and UF, oh my!

Gainesville Sun Article, Warning: Microwaving dray sponges ill advisedThis is the front page of today’s Gainesville Sun. I’ve seen this tip going around the internet for a few days now, on Digg, BoingBoing and Lifehacker, among others.

The tip originates from a University of Florida press release on Monday which did not warn against nuking dry sponges or those with metal in them. The release appeared as an article in The Sun on Tuesday, followed up by today’s article warning against the dangers.

Lifehacker did mention the danger of fire in yesterday’s post, as did BoingBoing. The first article that appeared on Digg offered no warnings, but the second was a BBC news story about the risk of fire.

A search on Google News reveals 132 results.

The UF release has been updated since Monday.

Who should have caught this to begin with? An editor? A scientist? Maybe someone assumed that people would know not to put dry sponges or metal objects in the microwave. We know what happens when you make assumptions…

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