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New York Times Blogs and Newspaper Web site stats

The New York Times has staff blogging about:

  • Bits – newest gadgets and trends
  • First Look – new features and services
  • Carpetbagger – movie awards
  • The Lede – news stories
  • The Caucus – elections
  • Pogue’s Posts – technology
  • DealBook – business
  • The Pour – wine, beer and spirits
  • Diner’s Journal – restaurants
  • The Public Editor’s Journal – responds to reader complaints/comments
  • Dream Home Diaries – the epic tale of home construction
  • Screens – Web video and media
  • The Empire Zone – politics in NY, NJ, And Conn.
  • Tierney Lab – science
  • The Fifth Down – fantasy football
  • Wheels – cars

In addition, this article reports that newspaper blog traffic has tripled from 1.2 million viewers a year ago to 3.8 million in December 2006.

Blog pages accounted for 13 percent of overall visits to newspaper sites in that month, up from 4 percent a year earlier. Total visitors to the top newspaper sites rose 9 percent to 29.9 million.

Lookin’ good!

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